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Maybe I should come up with a metaphor (placeholder, really) for a weekly "things I thought were interesting"-post, like Bruce's squids. Well, that will come later. This week's interesting things:

"How sex censorship killed the internet we love"

Engadget published a long column about how today's (American) Internet companies are scared of sex, and how that is affecting the web. There are the obviuos effects -- it's getting harder to debate things like LGBTQ policy and sex work, backup sex education can't take place on the platforms where teens usually hang out, and art that includes sexuality and nudity is forced off the mainstream platforms. There are also less obvious effects -- a general fear of "dirty art", misogyny, and photos of potatoes aren't allowed on Instagram. (Really.)

A demonstration using artificial intelligence and facial recognition in a crowd at CES 2019 in Las Vegas this month.
-- David Mcnew/Agence France-Presse β€” Getty Images

Is deep the word of 2019?

No matter what the 2019-word is, my worst word from 2018 is "screen time". OK it's two words in English but still, the term sucks. "Is screen time bad for kids" is about as good a question to ask as "is water good for people" (yes, if drinking or swimming, no if drowning or being shot by a water cannon while protesting for human rights). Anyway it's now been proven in a scientificβ„’ way exactly how bad screen time is for our mental health. Or how bad it is not. Click the potato below to find out.

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